How our Mantastic Members achieve the results that they do


“Mantastic gave me the roadmap & clarity to build the business I wanted to build and become the man I always wanted to be.”

Daniel Odoi

Mamba Moments

“Since joining Mantastic I’ve resigned from my job, built my own business ‘The Alpha Den’, Im living the life that I want…and most importantly I’m happy.”

Tri Tran

The Alpha Den

“Mantastic has helped me unlock my potential. Since joining I’ve values aligned my career, implemented an epic wealth creation plan and completed my first marathon.”

Craig Senior

Gold Coast

“Joining Mantastic was the best decision I could have ever made for myself. I lost 25kgs and completed in my first bodybuilding competition, got my dream career, upgraded my manbrand and got my CFO in order.”

Matt Hayes


“The Mantastic systems and structures have helped me create a life on my terms. I’ve values aligned my career, paid off debt, started my wealth creation plan and built my dream mountain bike.”

Matt Graham


“Mantastic has helped me become my own best mate. The brotherhood and community is second to none and fuck they have your back! “

Benny F Jesser

Far North Queensland

“Mantastic has helped me change my life. It teaches you everything that you need to know as a man to create the life you want.”

Jesse Wynyard


“Mantastic is life changing. It’s helped me make more money, live values aligned and have a better relationship with my partner.”

Toni Versic


“When I joined Mantastic I had goals but I didn’t know how to get there. Mantastic has helped me get results fast by putting together an awesome roadmap to achieve a huge amount in a short amount of time. “

Andrew Owen

Konnect Applications