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“I created the Mantastic Program to help men get the life they always dreamed of living, but just needed the keys of how to get there” – Tommy Bellman
  • CEO & Founder of Mantastic
  • Mantastic Programme Creator
  • Author: How to Become the CEO of your Life
  • Keynote Speaker: How to Become the CEO of your Life
  • Tomfit Gym Founder
  • Competitive Runner & Athletic Bodybuilder
  • Bachelor Health Science (Bond University, Aus)
  • Personal life “MANTOR” who is dedicated to helping men create the success, freedom & life they want


“If it wasn’t for the Mantastic program I wouldn’t be who I am today. Before I started with Tommy I had hit a rock bottom and when I found Mantastic I had this overwhelming feeling that “everything is going to be OK as long as you follow these steps”. Mantastic gave me direction and clarity and since joining I have built a multi 6 figure online business & become the best version of myself mentally, physically. Financially & emotionally. I work in the online space and can honestly say that there is no program out there like it.”


“If you want to go from A to B…but don’t know how to get there, then get this book . Mantastic has changed my life. Since joining the program I have doubled my business, got voted best emerging business in the Westpac awards, started speaking on stages, got in better shape and created the lifestyle I want to be living. “


“I joined Mantastic because I knew what I wanted to do with my life and business… I just didn’t know how to get there. Mantastic is not a “program” it’s a lifestyle and a tool to help me achieve what I want to achieve in business and life”


“When I started Mantastic I knew where I wanted to be and knew I could be….I just wasn’t there yet. Since starting the program I am making more money and experiencing consistent growth in business. I love the way Mantastic structures life as a business”


“Mantastic has helped me reach the next level in my life and given me the knowledge and confidence to do all of the things I wanted to do. Since starting the program my business was listed as one of the fastest growing businesses in New Zealand and I have created the lifestyle I wanted to be living.”


“When I started Mantastic I wasn’t satisfied with what I was doing. I wanted to head in a new direction and achieve more and grow more. Mantastic helped me define what that was and I have now started my new venture and am loving life.”


“I have been doing the Mantastic Program for a year now. Since starting I have taken my income to 6 figures and taken my life to a whole new level. “


“When I started Mantastic I was in a dead end job, not earning the $$$ I wanted to be earning and thinking ‘this is not right’. I wanted more and wanted to get my career started but didn’t know how to make it happen. Since getting involved with Mantastic I have moved to Singapore, achieved the 6 figure income I was after, am loving life and can spend my weekends in Bali drinking from coconuts at a beach club.”


“Mantastic has helped me make some awesome changes in my life. I don’t even recognise myself from a year ago. Mantastic taught me to set ambitious goals and take them seriously. Since starting Mantastic I have opened my own business, created a Manbrand that makes me feel confident and proud & created the life I want.”


“My life has gone from being upside down and chaotic to Mantastic! Since starting Mantastic the fitness facility I manage has become franchise facility of the year, I have started my own clothing label and I have created the lifestyle that I want to be living.”