Life is too short to not
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MANTASTIC™ is the WORLD’S #1 Self Development
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  • Live life to the fullest
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  • Have a body in the top 10% of males
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  • Acquire the confidence and skills to do everything you want to do in life
  • Be part a tribe of men who are winning, achieving and succeeding in life

Do not waste any more years, months, weeks or days to not be living the life that you want to be living.

Meet  Tommy

My name is Tommy and I’m going to give you the most incredible insights into your own life and how to change it for the better – Mantastic is my step by step plan that will get you where you want to be in life. You will grow yourself, build your business, create more income and start living the life you want to be living!

  • Mantastic founder
  • TOMFIT Health Club Owner
  • Built a Multi Million dollar business starting from nothing
  • Athletic bodybuilding competitor & Competitive Marathon runner
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Bond University)
  • Most importantly Tommy is a good guy who loves life and loves helping other guys get where they want to be in life

The must have little black book for any man wanting to take his life to the next level

“How to get your shit together, take control and live a Mantastic Life”
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Download the Free Mantastic ManPack! You’ll Learn The techniques that Tommy and 1000’s of other men have used to get out of a rut, stop being comfortable, build their businesses, earn more money and live the life of their dreams.



This isn’t a life hack. And if that’s all you’re looking for then look elsewhere. Mantastic is a program is for ambitious guys who know where they want to be in life and need the HELP & the PLAN to get there. This program is about results and living the life that you want to live. It’s presented in a no bullshit style so you can take action and make changes in your life immediately.

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