The Mantastic Programme

The World’s #1 Personal Growth Program For Men Who Want To Win & Succeed In Life

The Mantastic Framework

The Mantastic Framework is designed like an MBA for your life. Each module is carefully crafted with proven methods and principles to give you focus and attention to make the changes you need in each area to give your life structure and take it to the next level.

Modules include:


Chief Executive Officer

Becoming the CEO of your life and developing your overall vision & goals as well as the confidence to back yourself to execute on it.

Mantastic Physique & Mantrition

Training and Putting the right food into the tank for optimal performance and to Achieve a Mantastic ‘shirts off physique’ that has you feeling powerful, confident and strong. 

Head of Marketing & Sales

Knowing how to market and sell yourself to get what you want in life.

Rest & Relaxation

Taking the time out needed to recharge, top up the tanks, have fun & enjoy your life.

Chief Financial Officer

Developing your plan to make and manage your money so that you can live a life of freedom and choice.

Human Resources

Developing a board of directors for your life. Your tribe who will support & hold you accountable to your goals.

Product Development & Branding

Building your Personal Brand so that you stand out from the other guys in the market place. Understanding what skills and tools you’re going to need to develop to get you where you want to go. 

Customer Service

The gentleman’s role. Looking after the legends in your life and being known as a legend in the minds of others.

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The World’s #1 Personal Growth Program For Men Who Want To Win & Succeed In Life

Everything you need in one place to transform your Mindset, Physique, Finances, Manbrand, Confidence & Lifestyle.

Attend LIVE events

Being part of the Mantastic community gives you access to LIVE events around the world where like-minded guys can get around to support and learn from each other and strengthen relatinships.

Connect with other Mantastic Brothers and have a support community

When you join you will be part of an online community, access to Mantastic brotherhood zoom calls, face-to-face boardroom sessions held bi-monthly. Here you’ll build strong bonds with your Mantastic brothers and support each other on your journey’s

Learn on the go

The Mantastic App has everything loaded and everything you need to work your way through the Mantastic framework, listen to audio and podcasts and say connected with the community. The best part is, it’s all portable and accessible anywhere. 

Are you ready to start succeeding and live a quality life?


"If it wasn’t for the Mantastic program I wouldn’t be who I am today. Before I started with Tommy I had hit a rock bottom and when I found Mantastic I had this overwhelming feeling that “everything is going to be OK as long as you follow these steps”. Mantastic gave me direction and clarity and since joining I have built a multi 6 figure online business & become the best version of myself mentally, physically. Financially & emotionally. I work in the online space and can honestly say that there is no program out there like it."


"If you want to go from A to B…but don’t know how to get there, then get this book . Mantastic has changed my life. Since joining the program I have doubled my business, got voted best emerging business in the Westpac awards, started speaking on stages, got in better shape and created the lifestyle I want to be living. "


"I joined Mantastic because I knew what I wanted to do with my life and business… I just didn’t know how to get there. Mantastic is not a “program” it’s a lifestyle and a tool to help me achieve what I want to achieve in business and life"


"When I started Mantastic I knew where I wanted to be and knew I could be….I just wasn’t there yet. Since starting the program I am making more money and experiencing consistent growth in business. I love the way Mantastic structures life as a business"


"Mantastic has helped me reach the next level in my life and given me the knowledge and confidence to do all of the things I wanted to do. Since starting the program my business was listed as one of the fastest growing businesses in New Zealand and I have created the lifestyle I wanted to be living."


"When I started Mantastic I wasn't satisfied with what I was doing. I wanted to head in a new direction and achieve more and grow more. Mantastic helped me define what that was and I have now started my new venture and am loving life."


"I have been doing the Mantastic Program for a year now. Since starting I have taken my income to 6 figures and taken my life to a whole new level. "


"When I started Mantastic I was in a dead end job, not earning the $$$ I wanted to be earning and thinking 'this is not right'. I wanted more and wanted to get my career started but didn't know how to make it happen. Since getting involved with Mantastic I have moved to Singapore, achieved the 6 figure income I was after, am loving life and can spend my weekends in Bali drinking from coconuts at a beach club."


"Mantastic has helped me make some awesome changes in my life. I don't even recognise myself from a year ago. Mantastic taught me to set ambitious goals and take them seriously. Since starting Mantastic I have opened my own business, created a Manbrand that makes me feel confident and proud & created the life I want."


"My life has gone from being upside down and chaotic to Mantastic! Since starting Mantastic the fitness facility I manage has become franchise facility of the year, I have started my own clothing label and I have created the lifestyle that I want to be living."