Tommy Bellman

Tommy is a high energy, motivated successful 31 year old “MANTOR” and the creator of MANTASTIC. He has started and owned 4 businesses over the last  8 years and believes in creating a life where you can do what you want, for as long as you want, wherever you want with whomever you want – a life lived on your terms and a life that is designed by YOU!

He spent his 20’s building fitness businesses including a elite personal training & business education college, personal training studios and his health club TOMFIT GYM which from humble beginnings of just $7000 his health club turned into a multi million dollar business in just a few years.

He has a Health science degree from one of Australia’s most prestigious universities “Bond University” and is currently working towards his MBA for fun. He is a high performer who practices what he preaches having competed multiple times in Bodybuilding and Marathon (26.2 miles/ 42.2 Kms). Being a high performer in sport and in business, he understands and knows what it takes to succeed in life.

After spending hundreds of thousands on self development and improving his own life and those around him Tommy realised that there was wasn’t a program specific to get guys where they want to be in all areas of life, hence the creation of Mantastic.

Tommy now spends his time helping guys create their version of a Mantastic Life through the Mantastic Program, travelling the world to deliver his face to face workshops and for speaking engagements.

He loves keeping fit,  travelling the world, meeting new people, enjoying a rum or two and helping men get where they want to be in life.