We will help you develop a personal rest and relaxation plan to keep you performing in the business of designing a mantastic life without compromising your health and wellbeing. Just like a travel agent plans a holiday that aims to recharge your batteries and fits your interests, time frame and budget you can do the same for yourself.

You get to plan ahead of time regarding where you would like to go and what you would like to do at pre-determined times to jump out of the kitchen when it’s getting a bit hot and you need a break before you get burnt out and broken. A great rest and relaxation plan is one that is personalised to your  passions and interests and has many opportunities to jump out of “stress city” and recharge your batteries keeping you fresh and firing on all cylinders.

Many times people neglect to plan any mini recharges into their health and wellness plan and just hang in there until their two to four week annual break. By the time those anticipated annual holidays come around and they get to pack their bags and take a break from residing in “stress city” they are already broken.

Think of yourself as having similar characteristics as a battery in mobile phone, you only have so much mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy to give until you go flat and need a recharge.
Just like when your mobile phone battery is nearly dead you need to use it if you have the opportunity to pop it on the phone charger for a short period of time you get a partial charge and the little bastard springs back to life for you, welcome to the effectiveness of the mini-recharge break. Throughout the year, depending on your situation, you can plan for a longer holiday or two, which is like leaving the phone on for a full charge.

What’s more important and where most people drop the ball in their role as an effective rest, relaxation and wellness coach is to regularly find yourself enjoying a mini-recharge.
These regular re-charges work by keeping your energy levels topped up and minimise the risk of you exhausting your battery life and you ending up exhausted. Once your battery is flat you in the can no longer operate and to quote Ron Burgundy from the movie Anchor man…”and that is a scientific fact”

Have you ever found yourself feeling tired, fatigued and near exhaustion and have been hanging in there for that two weeks of annual leave and the planned holiday which is only a few more weeks away?
Finally the last day of work before your highly anticipated and much needed holiday has been completed and within a day or two of your annual leave beginning you wake up one morning feeling sick. You spend the first week of your two week vacation combating the flu or some other stress related illness due to the inability of your weakened immune system to serve and protect you.
That’s what happens when your rest, relaxation and wellness coach neglects to put you on the recharger
for a brief period of time.

Here are some examples of mini-break time frames that you can use in your plan,
what you choose to do within those time frames is totally up to you:

  • DAILY RECHARGES: each day allocate some “you time” for at least thirty minutes and have a
    “man cave” that you van escape to and top up your menergy levels.
  • WEEKLY RECHARGES: each week take half to a full day off to do what ever it is that you want to do… plan that man time
  • MONTHLY RECHARGES: once a month take two days off for yourself and invest this time into pursuits that top up your man batteries
  • QUARTERLY RECHARGES: every three months plan a three day trip to get away from it all and return large and in charge
  • ANNUAL RECHARGES: every year have a least one “boys trip” to stay connected with your brotherhood and another trip with your partner and family if you have them.