Tip Number One: A gift for your mum on your birthday each year
That’s right, buy your mum a gift or send her flowers on the day of your birthday. You might be thinking that it’s your birthday so you should be the one receiving presents, and that is precisely what most people think. If anyone should be receiving a gift it should be good old Mum, think about the pain and sufferings she went through carrying your fetus around for nine months. Then there is the torture and stress you have most likely put her through as you grew into the mantastic man that you are now. A mantastic man knows to give his Mum a gift on the day of your birthday…and feel free to thank Dad as well.

Tommy & Benny presenting Bill & Maria Phillips the top 7 reasons Bill is Mantastic and the top 7 reasons Maria is Mariatastic

Tommy & Benny presenting Bill & Maria Phillips the top 7 reasons Bill is Mantastic and the top 7 reasons Maria is Mariatastic

Tip Number Two: Magic moment letter to your family members
One of the best gifts you can give a family member, especially your Mum and Dad or the people who raised you is a framed picture with a list of the top five lessons they taught you or even the top five memories you have shared with them. Gifts like this take time and thought to put together and will find a cherished place in the home by the person who receives it from you. Of course it could be more than five lessons or memories, just see what you can come up with.

Tip Number Three: Write a “things I love about you” letter
If you have a partner a gift that will be very well received and earn you heaps of credit points is to write a list of the things that you love about them. You can sit down at the computer, select a great picture of the two of you and then write the list. The list could be titled the “twenty, fifty or even one hundred and one things I love about you” depending on how many things you can come up with. You can go “old school” and for that extra special touch hand write it and then mail it to her. If you cannot come up with any things that you love about her then maybe the best letter you can write her is a resignation letter and let her find someone who does.

Tip Number Four: Create a magic moment jar with your partner
Whilst on the topic of WOWing your partner here is a little gem that works a treat to make sure that both your partner and yourself learn more about making each feel special, important and worthwhile. Your mission is to get some post-it notes or slips of paper and two jars. These jars are going to be your magic moment jars. Both you and your partner then write down one thing that you really appreciate that the other person does for you on each post-it note or slip of paper. You put the slips of paper that you have written on in your jar and your partner puts their slips of paper in their jar.
Once a week you draw one of the slips of paper with a magic moment on it from their jar and vice versa with the goal of them making that magic moment happen for them throughout the week. For example they may have written that they love it when you take them to the movies so your goal is to take them to the movies over the next week. As the weeks go by you will learn more and more about what actions your partner loves and appreciates and can then do then more often.

Tip Number Five: Think of five people who have had a positive influence on your life and let them know
Throughout your life certain people will have more of a significant impact and influence on your personal and professional development than others and may not even be aware of how much they have helped you. It may have been a teacher at high school, an uncle, the coach of a sporting team or a past boss at a job you held. Why not pick up the phone and give them a call to let them know, it will make their day.

Mantastic_CustomerService_v2Tip Number Six: Host a mantastic men party for your friends
Why not throw a Mantastic Men Party and invite your best buddies over for dinner or a BBQ for no other reason than you appreciate having them as your friends. You can organize it around a sporting event, put on some drinks and snacks and just enjoy having the brother hood together.
Be the take charge guy who makes sure that no matter how busy you all are with career and family that you and your mates always find time to continue building magical moments for the brother hood.

Tip Number Seven: Organise a Boys Trip Each Year
This is our absolute favourite “How to WOW” and for the last few years has been a non-negotiable for our brotherhood of mantastic mates. Life is all about collecting memorable experiences and the great relationships you have with your friends magnify the human experience. An annual boys trip is a great way to keep strengthening the bonds of your brotherhood and ensures that you and your best buddies have a regular event no matter where you are or how busy you get.